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All my life I have had a problem with band-aids. I would get red welts and we always thought it was due to the adhesive. The welt from the band-aid always took longer to heal than what the band-aid was originally covering.In 2009 I had surgery, informed the medical staff of my issue with adhesive - so none was used, but I still had an itchy rash... Read more
In May of 2014 our 8 year old son was diagnosed with a very severe Type 1 Latex Allergy.  We have to carry two epi's at a time everywhere since it hits him so fast and so often. The doctors recommended a medical alert service dog to help us get control of his life back. Meet Tater (our son) and Tot (yes he named him). Just completed basic... Read more
My parents discovered my latex allergy at a young age. I must have been about 3 years old. I was playing with a latex glove and my parents that saw I had broken out in hives and that my tongue was swelling. My airway was tight and the hives were spreading. They took me to the local hospital and the doctors confirmed my reaction as Type 1... Read more
At a community barbeque our 10-year-old daughter was drawn to the clown making balloon animals. She ran to have a ladybug made. She loved it and wore it on her wrist. Upon returning home from the 10 minute drive, her wrist was blistered with bleeding lesions. We remembered a similar reaction the previous summer and only then realized that the... Read more
I knew I was allergic to latex in the late 90's while working as an EMT. My hands would swell and itch. There was a university hospital that had non-latex supplies and would let me have some for personal usage. My company didn't get non-latex supplies for several years. So I just stayed away from it... Read more
I asked my daughter to order a foam rubber mattress for my bed. We had all thru our house in the country but many years ago. She did and I was covered with an unbearable itch all over my body. It took a while but we finally realized it was the latex... Read more
Almost ten years ago, I gave my daughter twelve purple latex balloons full of helium on her birthday. I had no problems with balloons at that time. Over the past ten years, I must use latex free products like gloves and bandages... Read more
I spent most of my adult life as a Paramedic for an EMS agency. About 20 years ago I started developing these little fluid filled blisters on my hands when wearing latex gloves, they itched something awful and hurt when they broke open. Later, I started developing a rash when wearing gloves. I finally went to my manager and... Read more
I learned that I had a severe allergy to Latex when I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2009. Due to all the latex still being used in the hospitals, and the use of it on me, I almost died. My breathing stopped, I turned bright red all over with itchy hives, went into a coma and all my organs started to close down. It turned out that one of... Read more
I first noticed issues with latex when I was in middle school and had to have a band aid from my allergy shots every week. I would get painful welts wherever the band aid adhesive touched my skin. (It's amazing how many times after that I had to remind the nurse that I was allergic to band aids even after I saw them write it in my chart). Then, in... Read more

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