Nancy's Story

I learned that I had a severe allergy to Latex when I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2009. Due to all the latex still being used in the hospitals, and the use of it on me, I almost died. My breathing stopped, I turned bright red all over with itchy hives, went into a coma and all my organs started to close down. It turned out that one of chemo drugs I was getting had a latex bottle stopper and I was getting latex with every I.V. My treatment went through 2010 but once we discovered it was the latex stopper, it got preventable. BUT just recently I went into the hospital for an almost strangulated hernia and while in there got in contact with latex and developed the all over redness, itchy hives and it took over two weeks to get back to my non-red/hives state. I've been researching and there are a lot of drugs that still have latex stoppers and hospitals using latex equipment. It's better to stress your allergy to all than rather keep quiet and get an attack.


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