Latex Allergy Checklist

  • Wear Medical Alert Identification

  • Carry with you at all times:

    • Medications, as prescribed by your allergist (including anaphylaxis medications: EpiPen® (epinephrine) Auto-Injector carry 2 doses, allergy medications: antihistamine, asthma medications: inhaler/albuterol)

    •  Non-latex gloves

    • Letter from your allergist regarding your latex allergy status

  • Notify the following of your latex allergy and other pertinent information:

    • Local EMS

    • Medical/dental providers

    • Family members, friends, schools, daycares, employer and co-workers

  • Avoid:

    • Natural rubber latex gloves, balloons, condoms and other natural rubber products

  • Be aware of and consult with your allergist regarding:

    • Proper use of all medications

    • "Hidden" latex on food prepared with latex gloves

    • Lactiferous plants that may have cross reactive proteins

    • Foods with cross reactive proteins to natural rubber  (banana, avacado, kiwi, chestnut)

  • Carry a list of medication as prescribed by your allergist

  • Any additional information from your allergist

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