Medical Products

Note: This list is a guideline for informational purposes only. It is very difficult to obtain full and accurate information on the latex content of products, which may vary between companies and product series. The American Latex Allergy Association disclaims any legal responsibility associated with the use of any products on this list. All individuals and professionals must obtain written verification of non-latex status from the product supplier before use with latex-allergic individuals. Many of these companies also carry latex products. Please contact the American Latex Allergy Association at or 1-888-972-5378 to share information you obtain about products not listed. This product list is the property of the American Latex Allergy Association and may not be duplicated or reproduced without written permission.

  • Sterile dressing with paper, silk, or cloth tape
  • Kendall (800-962-9888) - Curity bandages
  • 3M (800-228-3957) - Nexcare Active bandages
  • Johnson & Johnson (800-526-3967) - Advanced Healing and Active Flex bandages
  • Latex in packaging only: Readi-Bandages, 3M Active Strip, CURAD Neon (800-227-4703)
Cold Wraps/Latex-Free Packaging
Elastic Bandages
  • 3M (888-364-3577) - Red Dot electrodes
Heat Wraps
  • Cloth, paper, or silk tape
  • 3M (800-228-3957) - Transpore, Durapore, Micropore
  • Johnson & Johnson (800-526-3967) - Hurt Free, Dermaclear
Anesthetic Cartridges
  • Septodont, Inc (800-872-8305)- latex-free dental cartridges
    Septocaine Articaine HCl. 4% with epi 1:100,000 Injection
    Septocaine Articaine HCl. 4% with epi 1:200,000 Injection
    Vivacaine Bupivacaine  HCl. 0.5% and Epinephrine 1:200,000 Injection
  • Use glass ampule-based anesthetics with latex-free syringe.
Bitewing Tabs
  • Paper loops
  • Crosstex International (888-276-7783)
  • Crosstex Imaging Comfort Cushions
Dental Dam
  • Hygenic (800-321-2135)
  • Patterson (800-873-7683)
Endodotic Filling Material (Gutta Percha)
Home Care Products

Toothbrush Handles, Irrigation Tips, Gum Stimulators

Impression Material
Instrument Bands
Laboratory Cases

Advise the laboratory of the latex-allergy status of your patient when sending the case out, but be aware that materials returned from a dental laboratory may have been handled with latex gloves. Wash all prosthetics and appliances thoroughly with soap and water before insertion in a latex-allergic patient.

Mixing Bowls
Orthodontic Elastics
Prophy Cups
Latex Gloves
Medication Administration
Bulb Syringes/Medication Droppers
  • Health Enterprises (800-633-4243) - latex-free bulbs
  • Med-Worldwide (800-638-9224) - latex-free 2 oz bulb syringe
  • Lang Dental (800-222-5264) - synthetic bulbs
  • Terumo (800-888-3786) - BD Luer-Lok, Toomey Tip Syringe (See
  • Dey Labs (800-869-9005) - Epi-Pen
  • Glass syringes, or prepare medication in syringe just before use.
Patient Assessment Equipment
Blood Pressure Cuff/Tubing
  • Use cuff over clothing, or cover cuff with Webril or stockinette
  • Vital Signs (800-932-0760) - CLEENCUFF, CUFF-ABLE, CLEAN-ABLE
  • GE Healthcare (877-274-8456) - Critikon Dinamap
Pulse Oximeters
  • Nellcor (800-NELLCOR) - Adult clip sensor
  • Cover skin with Tegaderm or Opsite
Rubber Reflex Hammer
  • Cover hammer with baggie, or use cloth barrier between hammer and patient's skin
Stethoscope Tubing
  • Keep tubing from skin, cover with cotton battings, stockinette, or Stethoscope Covers
  • Sprague, Littman (800-228-3957)
    *All Littman stethoscopes are latex free EXCEPT the Littman Anesthescope
Patient Comfort/Therapy
Chux/Rubber Sheets
  • Kimberly Clark (800-524-3577) - disposable
  • Other disposable underpads
Resistive Exercise Bands
  • Cover with cloth
  • Thera-Bands (800-321-2135) - offer both latex and latex-free exercise bands.
  • Exercise putty (Roylan)
Vial Stoppers
  • Remove latex stopper
  • Eli-Lilly (800-545-5979)
  • Fujisawa (800-888-7704)
  • Merck (800-672-6372)
  • For Insulin: Advantajet (800-991-4464)
Wheelchair Seats/Tires/Hand Brakes
  • ROHO (800-851-3449) - cushions
  • Cover seat with fabric, use leather gloves to turn wheels, neoprene cushion
Respiratory Supplies
Airways/Face Masks
  • Hudson RCI (800-399-1039)
  • Vital Signs (800-932-0760)
  • Kendall (800-962-9888)
  • Westmed (800-724-2328)
  • Remove elastic bands or provide cloth barrier between band and patient's skin, check valve content.
Ambu Bag/Maunual Resuscitators
Anesthesia Circuits
Bite Blocks
  • Silicone bite blocks
Endotracheal Tubes
Peak Flow Meters
Ventilator Hose, Bellows, Balloons
Staff Training/Apparel
CPR Manikins
Lab Coats/Jackets
Surgical Equipment
Rubber Head Straps
Surgical Garb
Surgical Packs
  • DeRoyal (800-251-9864) - Latex Safe TracePak for several different procedures in easy-to-store, portable containers.
Vascular Stockings
Warming Blankets: (Fluid Circulating)


  • Cook (800-245-4717)




Penrose Drains, Oxford Tubes

  • Jackson-Pratt silicone tubing
  • Zimmer Hemovac
IV Supplies

IV bags, Injection ports, Adapters, Tourniquets

  • Becton Dickinson
  • B. Braun (800-854-6851)
  • Vital Signs (800-932-0760)
  • Avcor (800-282-6748) - Latex-free tourniquet
  • Cover Y-sites, use stopcock for meds, do not puncture latex caps, flush all tubing before use, use polymer injection caps, use cloth barrier between latex tourniquet and patient's skin.
Suction Tubing

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