Consumer Products

Note: This list is a guideline for informational purposes only. It is very difficult to obtain full and accurate information on the latex content of products, which may vary between companies and product series. The American Latex Allergy Association disclaims any legal responsibility associated with the use of any products on this list. All individuals and professionals must obtain written verification of non-latex status from the product supplier before use with latex-allergic individuals. Many of these companies also carry latex products. Please contact the American Latex Allergy Association at or 1-888-972-5378 to share information you obtain about products not listed. This product list is the property of the American Latex Allergy Association and may not be duplicated or reproduced without written permission.

  • L'eggs (800-925-3447)
  • Lycra-Spandex
  • Tuck clothing under elastic waistband


  • Neoprene-coated nylon
Shoes/Rubber Boots
  • Crocs (877-238-4404) Latex-free clogs, boots, and flip-flops
  • P.W. Minor (585-343-1500) - Rubber-free sport shoe
  • Gempler's PVC waterproof boots (800-382-8473)
  • Superfeet (800-634-6618)
  • Cottonique (888-902-6886)
  • Dr Scholl's diabetic socks are latex/ rubber free
Stretch Fabrics (Some)
  • DuPont (800-441-7515) - Lycra/Spandex
T-Shirts with Appliqués
  • Avoid contact of appliqué with skin
  • Blue Canoe (888-923-1373) - Latex-free clothing
  • Cottonique (1-888-902-6886) – “Latex free”  bras, underwear, t-shirts, boxers, loungewear & socks. (for men, women, children and infants) 
  • Decent Exposures (800-524-4949) - Latex-free elastic for bras, underwear, swim suits
  • Dr. Leonard's Healthcare Catalog (800-785-0880) Non-binding, latex-free   cotton socks
  • Her Room (800-558-6779) Latex free bras
  • Hygeia - Latex-free underwear
  • Latex Free Essentials (303) 702-1368
  • Latex Free Underwear by Donna (512) 374-0678
  • TechSpun (800-392-8500) - Latex-free socks
  • Vermont Country Store (802-362-8460) - Latex-free socks
  • Kathy Ireland cotton/lycra/nylon (Kmart)
  • Cotton socks without elastic
  • Adidas – All watches are latex free made from polyurethane
Decorative Supplies
Home Medical Supplies
  • Sterile dressing with paper, silk, or cloth tape (See below for more medical tape options)
  • 3M (800-328-6276) NexCare Active Foam bandages are latex free
  • Johnson & Johnson (866-565-2873) - Advanced Healing and Active Flex Band-Aids are latex free
  • Kendall (800-962-9888) – Curity bandages are latex free
  • NHP
  • Coverlet
  • Advanced Healing (check label, some contain latex)
  • Latex in packaging only: Readi-Bandages, Active Strip (3M), CURAD Neon, Nu Derm by Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Brand
  • Skin Adhesives: Mastisol (by Ferndale)
  • Use cloth or felt to cover foam lining
Compression Stockings
  • Ames Walker (877-525-7224) Variety of Compression and standard socks most are latex free
  • Jobst (800-537-1063) Compriform Custom, Latex free TEDS
  • Cover pads/grips with cloth or tape
  • (800-227-8498) - latex-free crutch pads and grips
EKG Leads for Heart Monitors
  • Life Sync (866-324-3888) Life Sync Leadwear Disposable


Medical ID
  • American Medical ID - If you have ongoing medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, a heart condition, drug or food allergies, or are taking multiple medicines, you should wear a medical ID. In an emergency, when you might not be able to speak for yourself, a medical ID bracelet or necklace speaks for you. 
  • FiddledeeIDs - Fiddledee IDs offers charming, affordable medical id jewelry for adults and children. Our bracelets are adorable and engraving is free! Stay safe in style with your customized medical id alert bracelet or necklace. 
  • Laurenshope
  • Medic Alert
  • MediCharms
  • N-Style ID
Medical Tape
  • Cloth, paper, or silk tape
  • Johnson & Johnson (866-565-2873) – Hurt Free, Dermicel
  • 3M – Transpore, Durapore, Micropore, Microfoam
  • Cath Strip Molepad
  • Hytape Pink
Water Bottles (Hot/Cold)
  • Wrap cloth around water bottle, or use cloth-covered heating pad
Wheelchair Seat, Tire, Brake
  • Cover seat with fabric or neoprene cushion
  • Wear leather gloves to turn wheels
  • ROHO (800-851-3449) – cushions
  • Jay
  • Gaymar     Sof Care bed / chair cushions
Household Products
  • 3M (800-494-3552) - Scotch Magic Tape, Post-Its, 3650 Storage Tape, (#2120) Transparent Duct Tape (regular duct tape is NOT latex free), Command Poster Strips, Command Interlocking Fasteners, Scotch Adhesive Putty, Scotch Glue Stick
Auto Mats/Steering Wheel
  • Use vinyl, clear, fabric, or leather floor mats
  • Cover steering wheel with latex-free cover
Bath Mats/Rugs
  • Cotton rugs without rubber backing
  • Foam Products (800-526-3626) - Synthetic non-skid pads
  • - Vinyl bath mat
  • Slip-X (800-968-0104) – Vinyl bathmats
Buttons on Phone, Remotes, Calculators
  • Texas Instruments calculator buttons are latex free.
  • Most are silicone rubber. Check with manufacturer.


Chair Pads
  • Acoustic Resources (716-868-1123) Quiet FeetT pads are latex free. These are adhered to chair legs to reduce noise, scratching of flooring
Drain Stoppers
  • Slip-X (800-968-0104)
  • W2 Products - Silicone Magic Plug


Ear Plugs
  • Grainger (800-323-0620) (Model: 5F767) are latex free
  • Macks (586-427-7560) Foam ear plugs are “latex free”


  • Avid Products (888-575-2843)
  • Plantronics (800-544-4660, Ext.5538) - H series (H31, H41, H51, H61, H81) and Polaris models (P31, P41, P51, P61, P81) are latex free


Foam Rubber
  • Synthetic foam
Food Storage
  • Tupperware (866-376-7521)
  • Ziploc (800-494-4855)
  • Glad Press N Seal
  • Kerr (800-240-3340) - canning jar lid seal is latex free
  • Yoplait yogurt - Glue sealing lid onto container is latex free
  • Use wax paper, HandiWrap, or Saran wrap
Garden Hoses
  • Vinyl
  • Neoprene, silicone
Gloves (Kitchen/Household)
  • Big Time Products (1-877-929-7837) - Nitrile, Vinyl and Neoprene options for all glove types
  • Use vinyl, neoprene, nitrile, polymer gloves
  • Allerderm (800-365-6868) – Nitrile, vinyl or cotton liners
  • Kimberly Clark (800-544-1847) – Safeskin
  • Maxxim (800-346-8849) - Sensicare, Tru-Touch, Aloetouch, Accutouch, MediGuard
  • Regent (800-843-8497) – Neotech, Skinsense
  • Magla PVC MYPLEX
Glue (Envelopes/Stamps)
  • Moisten with a wet cloth instead of licking
Mattress for Beds
  • Naturepedic (1-800-91-PEDIC) – All latex free for mattresses sized for newborns to adults
Phone Receiver/Shoulder Rest
  • Avoid direct contact with skin
  • See above entry for latex-free earphones
Plants (Fiscus/Poinsettia)
  • Don't let sap touch skin
Silk Flowers (Latex Stem)
  • Avoid contact with skin
  • Use wooden, plastic, or synthetic
  • Pampered Chef
Tools with Rubber Handles
  • Use vinyl or leather handles
  • Cover with latex-free tape
  • Cottonique (1-888-902-6886) - Latex-free and chemical-free clothing for children, infants and toddlers
Diapers/Rubber Pants
  • Kimberly Clark (800-544-1847) - Huggies, Drypers Diapers, Pull-Ups, Pampers, Luvs
Feeding Nipples
  • Evenflo (800-233-5921) - Silicone (read label, some are latex)
  • Gerber (800-4-GERBER) - Silicone (read label, some are latex)
  • MAM - Silicone (read label, some are latex)
  • Evenflo (800-233-5921) - Silicone (read label, some are latex)
  • Gerber (800-4-GERBER) Silicone (read label, some are latex)
  • Playtex (800-222-0453) – Binky
  • Soothies (Children’s Med Ventures)
  • Infa
  • Kip
  • MAM
  • Use plastic, silicone, or vinyl
Tooth Massager
  • Most are synthetic - please check with the manufacturer
  • Butler (888-777-3101)-GUM toothbrushes
  • Crest - Reach soft bristle
  • Gerber / NUK (800-4-GERBER)
  • Oral B (800-566-7252) ALL ORAL B products are latex free


Personal Products
Allergy Products
  • All Natural Cosmetics (888-586-9719)
  • Clinique (800-419-4041)
  • Revlon (800-473-8566) - All products are latex free, including applicator foam wands and puffs, and pads on eyelash curlers
  • Qosmedix (631-242-3270) - Latex-free applicator sponges
  • Use cotton balls or brushes

Note: Cosmetics may contain papain, a papaya derivative that can cross react with latex.

Hair Care Supplies
  • Back to Basics – All hair care products are latex free
Incontinence Supplies
Sanitary Pads
Skin Care
  • Glove'n Care Hand Cream
    Professional Strength Hand Cream with Individualized Care! - Glove’n Care®, the number one selling hand cream in the dental market to date, is now available outside the dental industry! Made from minerals mined from the water of the Dead Sea, Glove’n Care replenishes the skin by using a water based, non-greasy formula. This unique formula re-hydrates and smoothes the skin ensuring long lasting relief from the elements! Glove’n Care is a hypoallergenic hand cream that has been clinically researched and proven not to compromise latex glove integrity. It provides long-lasting relief from dry, itchy, cracked skin caused by latex gloves, leaving your hands feeling soft and silky smooth even after multiple washings. When you need professional results, Glove’n Care is the proven choice for hand relief! 
  • VMV Hypoallergenics
    All products and applicators are latex-free. Each raw material, ingredient, product and applicator is patch-tested for their hypoallergenicity.
Toothbrush Handles
  • Most are synthetic. Please check with the manufacturer
  • Butler (888-777-3101) - GUM toothbrushes
  • Crest - Reach soft bristle
  • Oral B (800-566-7252)
Restaurants and Grocery Stores
Latex Gloves
  • Synthetic, vinyl (inquire before eating)
  • Arby's and Subway have a "no latex" policy, but it's recommended to check  with individual restaurants, as some may not follow the franchise protocol.
School/Office Supplies
  • 3M (800-494-3552) - Scotch Magic Tape, Post-Its, 3650 Storage Tape, (#2120) Transparent Duct Tape (regular duct tape is NOT latex free), Command Poster Strips, Command Interlocking Fasteners, Scotch Adhesive Putty, Scotch Glue Stick
Calculator Buttons
  • Texas Instruments calculators are latex free.
Drawing Pencils
  • Crayola (800-272-9652) - Crayola Colored Pencils, Crayola Watercolor Pencils
  • RoseArt (800-272-9667) – Colored pencils
  • Baumgarten's (800-247-5547) – Neon erasers
  • Faber-Castell (800-642-2288) – All eraser products are latex-free and PVC free EXCEPT Perfection Eraser Pencil
  • Jakks Pacific (877-875-2557) – Latex Free Erasers
  • Pental - Click Erasers
  • RoseArt (800-272-9667) - All erasers are latex free
  • Sanford (800-323-0749) – All eraser products are latex-free EXCEPT Arrowhead Cap Erasers, Design Kneaded Rubber Eraser, Union Eraser, Pink Pearl Eraser, Pink Pet, Paper Mate Eraser Mate, Paper Mate Eraser Max        
  • Soap erasers
  • 3M (800-494-3552) – Scotch glue sticks
  • Avery (800-462-8379) – All glue sticks, labels, T-shirt transfers
  • Crayola (800-272-9652) – All glue
  • Elmer's (888-435-6377) – All glue EXCEPT rubber cement, Sno-Drift paste

Note: Envelope and stamp glue may contain natural rubber latex. Use a moist rag to wet glue rather than licking.

Modeling Clay
  • Crayola (800-272-9652)- Crayola Dough, Crayola Modeling Clay, Crayola Model Magic, Silly Putty
  • Hasbro (800-327-8264) – Play-Doh (*Hasbro packaging will state if latex is included in the product)
  • Polyform Products Co. (847-427-0020) – Granitex, Sculpey, Sculpey III, Super Elasticlay, Super Sculpey
Mouse Pads
  • 3M (888-364-3577)– Precise Mousing Surface with or without Gel Wrist Rest
  • Quill (800-982-3400)
  • Vinyl sheeting can be cut into pad-sized squares

NOTE: It is necessary to eliminate all natural rubber latex mouse pads from the home, as proteins from the pads can be "picked up" and transported throughout the home.

  • Crayola (800-272-9652) - All Crayola Paints including Artista II, Watercolors, Washable Paint, Finger Paint, Powder Paint, and Liquid Tempera Paint
Pen/Pencil Grips
  • Hoyle Products, Inc. (800-345-1950) – All Hoyle grips are made of vinyl and are latex-free including adjustable rulers, curves for drafting use
  • Paper Mate (630-481-2200) – ZeZe Ball Point Pens, Silhouette Ball Point Pens, Comfort Grip Pens, Dynagrip Pens, Flexgrip Pens
  • RoseArt (800-272-9667) – All pens
  • Sanford (800-323-0749) – All Pens
Rubber Bands
  • Alliance Rubber Company (800-626-5940) – Latex free, anti-microbial line     of rubber bands available
  • Baumgarten's (800-247-5547) – Plasti Bands
  • Latex-free bands can be ordered through Home Depot
Sports Equipment
Bike/Ski Helmets
Bungee Cords
  • Avoid direct contact with skin
  • Use silicone or vinyl goggles:
  • Speedo (888-477-3336) – Hydrospex, Vanquisher goggles are latex free. Latex-free replacement strap can be bought separately for other Speedo goggles.
  • TYR (800-252-7878) – Racetech Reveal Goggles
  • NOTE: Some latex-allergic individuals may react to chlorine and/or latex proteins released from swimsuits and pool items due to chlorine.
Handles - Ping Pong Paddles, Golf Clubs, Baseball Bats, Rackets, Ski Poles, Bikes
  • Use vinyl or leather handles, or cover with tape or cloth
Mouth Guards
Other Balls - Basketballs, Footballs, Soccer Balls, Baseballs
Playground Markers, Cones, Baseball Bases
Protective Eyewear
  • Liberty Sport (800-444-5010) - Rec Specs are latex free
  • Scott (800-292-5874) - Ski goggles: Foam around eyes is latex free, but head strap DOES CONTAIN natural rubber latex
Rubber Balls
  • Gopher Sport (800-533-0446) has latex-free balls, including volleyballs, physioballs, foam balls and Gator Skin Balls.


  • Do not use: ALL Koosh products contain natural rubber latex.
  • Do not use: Balzac Balloon Balls or Omnikin, as these contain natural rubber latex balloon bladders.

Some allergic individuals can use tennis balls that are new and completely covered. Bladders of tennis balls are natural rubber latex.

Swim Cap
  • Use silicone swim caps
  • Nike – (800-806-6453) – Swift cap silicone swim caps – Dual Durometer,    Dome Molded Swim Cap (#N999)
  • Snap-Cap (Shiffler Equipment Sales: 800-547-1539)
  • Speedo (888-4SPEEDO) – Silicone Flag Swim Cap
  • TYR (800-252-7878) – Warmwear Swim Cap, Lycra Swim Cap
  • DO NOT USE: USA Flag Latex Swim Cap, Canada Swim Cap these contain latex.
Water Toys
  • Use PVC or plastic toys
Wet Suits, Scuba/Snorkel Masks
  • No known alternatives

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