What is A.L.E.R.T.?

The American Latex Allergy Association (A.L.E.R.T., Inc.) is a national non-profit, tax exempt organization that provides information about latex allergy and supports latex-allergic individuals. Originally, the organization was formed by a group of approximately 30 health care workers who acquired latex allergy. We sought to provide information and support for one another, as well as to other persons and organizations. Our original name A.L.E.R.T, Inc. continues to reflect our mission: Allergy to Latex Education and Resource Team.

Our board of directors consists of volunteers; there are elected officers, appointed chairpersons, and professional advisors. A newsletter, The Alert, is published quarterly. We hold an annual general membership meeting, an annual picnic, and local support meetings.

The mission of the American Latex Allergy Association (A.L.E.R.T., Inc.) is to create awareness of latex allergy through education and to provide support to individuals who have been diagnosed with latex allergy.

We need your support

The American Latex Allergy Association depends on your membership dues and contributions to provide services to individuals and professionals.