Non-Latex Glove Listing

Brand Name Material Company
Dermaprene Neoprene (polychloroprene polymer) Ansell (telephone: 800-327-8659)
Neolon Neoprene (polychloroprene polymer) Maxxim (telephone: 800-346-8849)
Elastyren Styrene butadiene block polymer Center Labs (telephone: 800-437-6251)
Tactylite Styrene ethylene butadiene co-polymer Smartpractice (telephone: 800-822-8956)
Pure Advantage Nitrile* (butadiene co-polymer) Tillotson (telephone: 800-445-6830)
Allergard Styrene butadiene block polymer Allergard (telephone: 800-255-2500)
Royal Shield Polyvinyl chloride Smartprctice (telephone: 800-822-8956)
Sensicare and Trutouch Polyvinyl chloride Maxxim (telephone: 800-346-8849)
Allerderm Polyvinyl chloride and nitrile Allerderm (telephone: 800-365-6868)
Triflex Polyvinyl chloride Allegiance (telephone: 800-653-6021)
N-DEX Nitrile* (butadiene co-polymer) Best Glove (telephone: 800-241-0323)

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