The American Latex Allergy Association has produced a variety of publications. Our A.L.E.R.T. newsletter archive and other educational publications are available here.


Is there cross-reactivity between Shea Butter & Natural Rubber Latex? - ALAA 20th Anniversary - Letter to the Editor - Ask The Expert - Donation Form – Mylan/ Anaphylaxis

Diagnosis of Latex Allergy - Upcoming Event / Latex Allergy Awareness Packets - Ask the Expert - School Nurses Make a Difference - Tissue PomPoms - Advertisements / Announcements

Rubber Allergy Screening With T.R.U.E. TEST - Ask The Expert - Convincing the FDA to ban Dangerous Corn Starch Powder on Medical Gloves - Advertisements / Announcements

Continued Risk for Hevea Latex Allergen Exposure from Toy Balloons  - Natural Rubber Latex Allergy and the Poinsettia - Ask the Expert - Press Release   Sen. Galloway:Epi-Pen Legislation signed into law 11/23/2011 - Advertisements / Announcements

Why Tires are Different than Gloves - Airborne Tire Particles - 2008-09 Flu Vaccine - FHA to push standard colors for patients wristbands - Latex in Vaccine Packaging - Ask the Expert - Advertisements / Announcements

Latex Allergy 101

The program consists of a Latex Allergy 101 Poster and four fact sheets: Allergy, Anaphylaxis, Asthma, and Food Allergy More ›


Our manuals provide detailed information for professionals.
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