School Manual

School Safety Guidelines for Latex-Allergic Students
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Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction and Background of Latex Allergy

Introduction, Disclaimer, and Acknowledgements p. 2-3
Description of Natural Rubber Latex Allergy p. 4-6
Classroom Triggers For Asthma and Allergies p. 7-8

Section 2: Suggested Guidelines For A Latex-Safe School

School Safety Guidelines p. 9
Suggested Responsibility Guidelines p. 10
Individual Health Plan For Natural Rubber Latex Allergy p. 11
Sample Physician Letter To Schools p. 12
Inhaler and Epinephrine Use At School p. 13-14
NASN Position Statements p. 15-19
AAAAI Position Statement p. 19-24
Wisconsin Legislation p. 25-26
Memo to Wisconsin School Districts p. 27
Sample Student Health Forms p. 28-33
Sample School Policies p. 34-36
Epinephrine Administration Technique p. 36-38
Federal Disability Legislation p. 39

Section 3: Resources

Latex-Free School Product List p. 40-44
ALAA Order Form p. 45
Latex-Free Balloons p. 46
Sample Letter To Manufacturers p. 47
Sample Balloon Ban Sign p. 48
Helpful Websites p. 49
Helpful Programs p. 50

Section 4: Additional Reading

Preventing Infection in the Classroom p. 51-55
Ask The Expert p. 56-59
The ABCs of Latex Allergy At School p. 60
What You Should Know About Latex Allergy p. 61
Keeping Your Child Latex-Safe At School p. 62-63
High School Now A Balloon-Free Zone p. 64-66
What You Need To Know About Latex Allergies
(Specifically for school bus personnel)
p. 67-70

Section 5: Bibliography