United Health Care Plans To Boost EpiPen® Co-Pay September 1

August 12, 2006
Increase to $50 Could Affect Thousands with Latex Allergy

The EpiPen® Auto-Injector has long been the “gold standard” of protection against anaphylaxis for thousands of people with latex allergies. People who depend on the EpiPen® brand and have health insurance through United Health Care (UHC) should know about the company’s recent decision that will raise the co-pay on EpiPen®.

UHC has moved EpiPen® to a Tier 3 status on its pharmacy formulary beginning September 1, 2006. This change will increase the co-pay from $25 to $50. At the same time, UHC announced that another device, Twinject™, would move to the Tier 2 status and have a $25 co-pay and the plan would limit the number of Twinject® Auto-Injectors per member to one.

Patients should have the ability to choose which device is right for them rather than UHC favoring one product over another. Many of you have relied on EpiPen® for years and you have trained others on how to properly use the device. This decision by UHC would require you to not be re-trained on a new brand but to potentially re-train others.

If you are covered by UHC and rely on the EpiPen® for protection, you can contact your company’s health plan administrator and also call UHC directly—the number is on the back of your membership card.