Mylan Specialty announces Dining Out with Severe Allergies

October 25, 2013

For people with food allergies, a trip to the grocery store or dining out at a restaurant can be challenging and even stressful. As you know, allergens are not always obvious, so it takes careful planning to avoid exposure to certain foods or ingredients and it’s important to pay attention to the way food is prepared as well. That’s why I’m excited to share with you the latest resources offered by Mylan Specialty L.P. as part of the Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis™ initiative designed to help those with severe or life-threatening allergies avoid their allergic triggers and enjoy meals while dining out, grocery shopping or cooking at home.


We encourage you to visit the “Dining Out with Severe Allergies” section in the Resource Library on You’ll find tip sheets, guides and travel-sized cards with advice on how to read food labels, food substitution suggestions, allergy-friendly recipes and grocery shopping tips.