Important Anaphylaxis News

June 22, 2013

Important Anaphylaxis News:

Recently several manufactures (Amedra Pharmaceuticals, LLC and  Lineage Therapeutics Inc.) are marketing generic epinephrine such as Adrenaclick®/authorized generic of Adrenaclick®.

Patients or caregivers either dropping off or picking up a prescription for their epinephrine auto-injector should check to be sure that it is the device they were prescribed and trained to use, and that a different device was not dispensed by the pharmacist.

Epinephrine auto-injectors look and function differently from one another, therefore, have different instructions for use and require different training. Once an epinephrine auto-injector has been prescribed, the health care provider should train and prepare the patient and/or the caregiver on how to use that specific device when anaphylaxis occurs.

It is important to talk with your physician to be sure you are getting the best epinephrine product for you and that you know how to use it before an emergency arises.