Molly's Story

My story is that two weeks ago I found out that my wonderful, expensive, healthy latex mattress is causing me a LOT of health problems.  Previously I'd known that the latex in my underwear caused redness and itching, but it did not bother me a lot.  However, about 3 years ago I purchased the latex mattress and my health has deteriorated severely ever since.  I did not sleep more than 4 hours per night, tossed and turned, and lately felt like I was burning up inside.  These were all symptoms I developed from the latex according to my doctor.

My alternative doctor has determined that a silk mattress pad would help to contain the latex fumes so I am doing research on silk.  At this time I have my sofa bed mattress on top of my latex mattress and 10 bags of zeolite (a mineral that absorbs toxic gases) lined up at the head of bed.  It has helped quite a bit already as I am sleeping at least 5-6 hours and much of the tossing and turning has gone away. I will probably end up with another expensive mattress, but this time it will be organic cotton!  I still need to do more research just to make sure it's right for me.

So, people really need to research mattresses before buying.  I've seen a lot of mattresses with a latex core, so it pays to read the descriptions.  Thanks so much for this website.