Mary Grace's Story

Ever since I was a kid I couldn't stand socks, or band aids. One day I was using some gloves, it was a hot day and my arms, hands, and face started swelling. It got so bad that I couldn't breathe. About three days later my throat was still sore and swelling. My mother took me to the doctor and they diagnosed me with mono, then in about 2 more days it just went away. At that same time I was on the local swim team, with swimsuits that had spandex in them and latex swim caps. Every practice I would have migraines and my face would swell, and I would be crying by the time practice was over. My mother decided to take me to a different doctor to see what was going on. The best doctor I have ever had sat down and explained that I was allergic to latex. It has been tough but God can bring me through ANYTHING!!

Mary Grace