Jessi's Story

My first major allergic reaction was in a college chemistry lab,  I put on my gloves and goggles, and I started to work on an experiment.  After about 5 minutes I felt kind-of sick to my stomach, and my throat, was really tight, and I felt itchy and sweaty on my arms, face and chest. I managed to stumble out the door, and started to pull off my gloves and goggles, and all over my hands there were large welt, and on my face as well.  The classroom right next door to the chemistry lab was the paramedic classroom, so they called 9-1-1, and I ended up getting an epi-pen.  I was a Chemistry major, but there is so much latex in the chemistry labs: gloves, goggles, tubing, stoppers, that I gave up.  Even if I wore latex-free gloves and goggles, I still managed to come in contact with it.  And I wasn't the only one, my lab partner was also highly allergic to latex, but they wouldn't make the science labs latex-free.  That really annoys me.