Consumer Products

Note: This list is a guideline for informational purposes only. It is very difficult to obtain full and accurate information on the latex content of products, which may vary between companies and product series. The American Latex Allergy Association disclaims any legal responsibility associated with the use of any products on this list. All individuals and professionals must obtain written verification of non-latex status from the product supplier before use with latex-allergic individuals. Many of these companies also carry latex products. Please contact the American Latex Allergy Association at or 1-888-972-5378 to share information you obtain about products not listed. This product list is the property of the American Latex Allergy Association and may not be duplicated or reproduced without written permission.

  • L'eggs (800-925-3447)
  • Lycra-Spandex
  • Tuck clothing under elastic waistband


  • Neoprene-coated nylon
Shoes/Rubber Boots
  • Crocs (877-238-4404) Latex-free clogs, boots, and flip-flops
  • P.W. Minor (585-343-1500) - Rubber-free sport shoe
  • Gempler's PVC waterproof boots (800-382-8473)
  • Superfeet (800-634-6618)
  • Cottonique (888-902-6886)
  • Dr Scholl's diabetic socks are latex/ rubber free
Stretch Fabrics (Some)
  • DuPont (800-441-7515) - Lycra/Spandex
T-Shirts with Appliqués
  • Avoid contact of appliqué with skin
  • Blue Canoe (888-923-1373) - Latex-free clothing
  • Cottonique (1-888-902-6886) – “Latex free”  bras, underwear, t-shirts, boxers, loungewear & socks. (for men, women, children and infants) 
  • Decent Exposures (800-524-4949) - Latex-free elastic for bras, underwear, swim suits
  • Dr. Leonard's Healthcare Catalog (800-785-0880) Non-binding, latex-free   cotton socks
  • Her Room (800-558-6779) Latex free bras
  • Hygeia - Latex-free underwear
  • Latex Free Essentials (303) 702-1368
  • Latex Free Underwear by Donna (512) 374-0678
  • TechSpun (800-392-8500) - Latex-free socks
  • Vermont Country Store (802-362-8460) - Latex-free socks
  • Kathy Ireland cotton/lycra/nylon (Kmart)
  • Cotton socks without elastic
  • Adidas – All watches are latex free made from polyurethane