Cindy's Story

Around fifteen years ago, at the age of 35, I was faced with having my tonsils taken out. As I was waking up I heard two nurses talking, over the top of me, and saying "What happened to her?" When I was able to talk I asked my husband if they told him anything about latex, he responded with "No!"  At that time I brushed it off. Latex allergies was a new concept and many hospitals were still using latex throughout. They knew what happened to me, but to this day I still do not know what they were talking about, sure would like to know so I can stop it from happening again.

Then I made a visit to dentist for a cleaning, where they used latex gloves. I asked them about having sores around my mouth every time I had my teeth cleaned. At that point I began to think about the two nurses and every time I blew a up a balloon (and how my mouth felt and burned), band aids, and the sores when getting my teeth cleaned and put two and two together.

I now find that I have trouble with clothing, bras, underwear, and other garments that have any sort of elastic give to it, which is the new popularity. I too have to remind health care working to not use latex. I always remind them about my condition and have to watch every move they make to sure my own safety.