Sample Letter for Carrying Self-Injectable Epinephrine Aboard Commercial Airplanes

DATE To Whom it May Concern:

PATIENT FULL NAME is a AGE/GENDER who suffers from a life-threatening allergy to SPECIFIC ALLERGENS LISTED. This is a severe allergic reaction that makes it medically necessary for HIM/HER to carry an antihistamine and EpiPen®, which is an autoinjector of epinephrine, at all times. EpiPen® autoinjectors are prescribed by a licensed medical professional. PATIENT NAME should have this life-saving medication with HIM/HER at all times, especially during times of travel away from home. In the event of an exposure to even a minute amount of ALLERGEN a severe allergic reaction may occur. Every minute is critical in using this medication to treat the allergic reaction and to prevent a life-threatening reaction. Use of the EpiPen® can be life saving. Please allow PATIENT NAME to have the EpiPen®(s) with HIM/HER on board the airplane.


PATIENT NAME is also asthmatic and requires the use of an albuterol inhaler in the event of an asthma attack or allergic reaction. Please allow PATIENT NAME to carry HIS/HER albuterol inhaler on board the airplane. Additional information may be obtained from PHYSICIAN NAME at PHONE or FAX.

Respectfully signed,

____________________________________________, M.D.


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