Angie's Story

I had never had a problem with latex allergies before. In fact, I was a clown you used the "character balloons" in my shows. I was diagnosed with MRSA in late 2004. Soon after, I began a treatment for the MRSA with a drug called Zyvox. It threw my immune system into overdrive and I could not tolerate ANY medication necessary to maintain my healthy life; i.e. my thyroid meds, my hormone replacement, etc. I then began having trouble eating kiwi and bananas. After having my allergist perform a "homemade" allergy test with latex products (gloves, balloons, etc.) and latex-food group items (kiwi, avocado, banana, etc.) within SECONDS I went into respiratory arrest. I now carry an Epi-Pen everywhere I go; my allergies, however have not gotten better but I can control an outbreak before it happens with some "tricks" I was taught by a nurse...and they really work.