20th Anniversary Announcement

February 16, 2013



American Latex Allergy Association
Sue Lockwood, Executive Director
PO BOX 198
Slinger, WI 53086
Phone: (888) 97-ALERT
Email: alert@latexallergyresources.org
Website: www.latexallergyresources.org


American Latex Allergy Association Announces its 20th year Anniversary

MILWAUKEE, WI (February 16, 2013) –The American Latex Allergy Association announces the celebration of its 20th anniversary year.

Marsha Smith, President and Sue Lockwood, Executive Director and Co-founders; are excited to celebrate this important milestone.

The American Latex Allergy Association was established in January 1993 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. The organization was formed by a group of approximately 30 health care workers who acquired the latex allergy. The original name was A.L.E.R.T., Inc, (Allergy to Latex Education Resource Team). The name was formally changed to American Latex Allergy Association (ALAA) in 2004 to better reflect its national reputation as the primary resource for latex allergy information, awareness and advocy in the United States.  

Our mission was to provide educational information and support to all those interested in latex allergy. Now, with about 5000 we serve, that is still ALAA’s mission to create awareness of latex allergy through education and to provide support to individuals who have been diagnosed with latex allergy.   

To recognize ALAA’s work and accomplishments a celebration is being planned for October 6th -12th, 2013 which is also National Latex Allergy Awareness Week.

Gerri Rivers (Project Coordinator for ALAA) says,

 “This educational and celebratory week has something for all”:

  • Informative web-based presentations for all those interested in latex allergy, healthcare and school professionals
  • Seminar/Hands-on workshop for healthcare providers
  • Community festival for the general community, patients, families, and all those who care about them

 In addition, there will be a quilt raffle to raise funds for ALAA.

Individuals or groups are welcome to donate a handmade quilt for the raffle. The quilts will be on display until the time of the raffle. 

Watch for more details on our website, FaceBook or Twitter.

Keep these dates open to come and join us in this celebration.  

The 20th Anniversary Logo was designed by the daughter of Executive Director and co-Founder Sue Lockwood.    Thank you to Kori Lockwood.




The American Latex Allergy Association (A.L.E.R.T., Inc.) is a national, nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to create awareness of latex allergy through education and to provide support to individuals who have been diagnosed with latex allergy.