Wendy's Story

I am Australian, and suffer from Bi-Phasic Inahalation Anaphylaxis to latex/rubber.  I was a nurse for 30 years, and developed contact anaphylaxis to latex in 1994.  I was able to manage this problem by going into unit management/education, thus did not have to wear gloves.  In 2007 I developed Inhalation Anaphylaxis, and lost my career.  I had 22 reactions after this, either from entering doctor's surgeries, or going into shopping centres where there a so many balloons. There is little or no information in Australia on Inhalation Anaphylaxis, and I am currently trying to educate the general public on gloves and balloons.  Does anyone have any suggestions!  My doctor's keep saying I should get better by staying away from triggers, but with the number of balloons used around the world, that would be mission impossible.