Thanksgiving Thoughts...

November 24, 2016

We would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to everyone who helped us over the last 25 years!

ALAA started 25 years ago as a Latex Allergy support group of approximately 25 patients from 2 allergy practices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Or original intent was to help each other live and adjust to life with Latex allergy.  We very quickly realized that to help ourselves live with latex allergy we had to be a voice in the National conversation on latex allergy. 

While it would not be possible to list all those that help us over the years, we would thank some very special people who have been with us though out this journey.

Dr. Jordan Fink, Dr. Kevin Kelly, Dr. Sandra Gawchick, Dr. Michael Zacharisen, Dr Gordon Sussman, Robert Hamilton PhD, Don Beezhold, PhD, Tom Grier, PhD and everyone who he served on our Board of Advisors over the years. 

Thank you to everyone who served on on Board of Directors, especially Michael and Leah Dow who helped supported and guided us in the very early days and continued to mentor us throughout the years. 

Thank you to the AAAAI, the ACAAI and all of their members.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has provided financial support and Corporate Educational Partnerships!  Your support helped us raise awareness, educate and support those with latex allergy.  We will be forever grateful.

Thank you to all of the Allergy Organizations who have partnered with us on programs and projects over the years.  You helped us expand our audience and accomplish so many things that we would not be able to accomplish on our own.  Your friendships will always be cherished.

Finally the biggest THANK YOU!  To all  of the Latex allergic individuals that inspired and supported us every day.