Non-Latex Kit Press Release

December 31, 2003

Regent Medical Helps Healthcare Workers and Patients
Better Understand Latex Allergy Issues

New Non-Latex Made SimpleTM kit provides information, items to aid hospitals with latex allergic patients.

Norcross, GA – Approximately 18 million Americans exhibit signs of latex allergy1 and according to a survey conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics, one in five persons in the US is likely to be sensitive to natural rubber.2 Regent Medical — a leading provider of powder-free surgical gloves and skin antisepsis products — introduces an innovative resource guide to help increase awareness and provide education on latex allergies for hospital employees, patients and the community.

The Non-Latex Made SimpleTM kit includes resources such as information sheets with frequently asked questions (FAQs), lists of latex-free products and many other resources to further non-latex education. The kit also provides latex allergy ID cards and mylar balloons to help identify latex-sensitive patients during their visit to the hospital or medical facility.

“Natural rubber latex is a common material found in many every day items, including medical devices and equipment,” said Virginia James, product manager for Regent Medical’s Biogel® surgical gloves. “When healthcare workers and patients are repeatedly exposed to allergenic natural rubber latex (NRL) proteins, they may become latex-sensitive. Regent understands the seriousness of this issue and has developed a kit to make latex allergy issues more manageable for both the healthcare worker and the patient.”

One significant component of the kit – Dexter, the Biogel Skinsense mascot – is an endearing way to educate and remind healthcare workers about latex allergies. A blue hand puppet shaped like a glove and mirroring the Biogel Skinsense blue color, Dexter is also included in the kit to help healthcare workers approach pediatric patients about their allergies in a light, fun manner.

“The groups that are most susceptible to developing a latex sensitivity are healthcare workers and children who have frequent surgeries,” according to James. “Because of their prolonged exposure to latex, they are more likely to develop an allergy to natural rubber latex proteins. We saw an opportunity to help these groups further – not only with our products, but with additional information.”

Regent Medical will continue to distribute their Non-Latex Made SimpleTM kit to all hospitals and healthcare facilities that convert to a non-latex environment with Biogel Skinsense surgical gloves.


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