New York State Legislation Alert!

May 25, 2005
"Requires food service establishments to post notice relating to the use of rubber latex gloves and notifying of the use thereof"

The legislative session ends on June 23rd. Your immediate action is requested. Send letters of support and explain any latex related experiences you may have had eating in restaurants.

Senate Bill # S00754

Sponsored by Senator Kemp Hannon

Each Latex allergic individual in New York
  • send a memo of support and a thank you to Senator Hannon for introducing this bill.
  • send a memo of support to Senator Bruno with a request urging him schedule this bill for a vote in this session.
  • send a memo of support to their District State Senator urging a positive vote when this gets to the floor.
  • The addresses are as follows:

    Hon. Joseph L. Bruno
    Room 909 Legislative Office Building
    Albany, New York 12247

    Hon. Kemp Hann
    501 Capitol Building
    Albany, New York 12247

    Assembly Bill #A 05499

    Sponsored by Rep. Richard N. Gottfried, who is also Chairman of the Health Committee. Send comments and letters of support indicating that this legislation is necessary.

    The address is as follows:
    Hon. Richard N. Gottfried
    Legislative Office Building 822
    Albany, New York 12247

    Send a memo of support to your District Assemblyperson.

    The legislative contact person is Mel Schulweis, a New York resident who is actively working to get this legislation passed. Mel is advocating on behalf of his granddaughter who has natural rubber latex allergy. If you would like more information on this legislation or would like to support this legislation contact Mel Schulweis. Please send copies of any letters sent to legislators on behalf of this legislation to:

    Mel Schulweis
    15 Glenbrook Drive
    White Plains, New York 10605
    (914) 428-4632