New York Food Bill Update

June 30, 2005
New York Assembly Bill #A 05499, which called for “food service establishments to post notice relating to the use of rubber latex gloves and notifying of the use thereof" was not considered or addressed during New York’s last legislative session, which ended June 23. According to Rep. Richard Gottfried, the original sponsor of the bill, this is due to lack of public support and lack of proof that this measure is needed. The United Restaurant, Hotel and Tavern Association of New York also opposes the bill.

If you have experienced a documented allergic reaction related to latex gloves in a public food establishment, and/or are willing to write a letter of support for this bill, please notify our New York legislative contact for this issue, Mel Schulweis. In particular, New York residents are asked to respond. Please address to:
Mel Schulweis
15 Glenbrook Drive
White Plains, New York 10605
(914) 428-4632
Please see the article titled "Uphill Battle,"dated June 24, 2005, located at for further comments from Rep. Gottfried.