New Product

July 16, 2001
Buy one Epimate and get one at 1/2 price plus a FREE waist pack!


The EpiMateTM is a high quality, durable ABS plastic carrying case designed to safely hold an epinephrine auto-injector.

For safety, the EpimateTM has been engineered to be:

* Puncture proof to protect against accidental injection

* Easy to open to ensure immediate access to the injector in an emergency

* Foam lined and specially molded to protect the injector from shock,

jostling and stress

* UV protected

* Water Resistant

* Buoyant and equipped with float ring

For convenience, the EpiMateTM is:

* Lightweight and easy to carry for children and adults

* Supplied with medical and personal information labels

* Able to store antihistamine tablets

* White foam lined for easy detection of tainted epinephrine solution

* Versatile and multiple cases can easily be attached together

* Equipped with numerous accessories for various carrying and storage


-belt clip, hook with Velcro strap, magnets

Sleek, fashionable and available in three great colors:

hot pink, cool blue, black