ALAA Honors

October 11, 2013

In Celebration of Latex Allergy Awareness Week the American Latex Allergy Association honored Dr Jordan Fink, MD and ALAA Exec Dir Sue Lockwood.

Dr Fink was intrumental in helping ALERT, INC/ALAA  become recognized within the profession of Allergy & Immunology.  We will be forever grateful for his support.

Sue Lockwood severed as ALERT, INC 1st President and later went on to become Executive Director.  She is dedicated to her work to educate and support individuals with latex allergy. 

Dr Jordan Fink, MD & Sue Lockwood ALAA Exec Dir 

Dr Jordan Fink, MD and Sue Lockwood, ALAA Exec Dir. & Co-founder


Sue Lockwood Award

Sue Lockwood recieving Award from ALAA, President & Co-founder with Dr Joran Fink, MD looking on.


Sue, Dr Fink, Marsha, Diane

ALAA Presidents with Dr Jordan Fink, MD at Award presentations.

Pictured- Sue Lockwood (1st), Dr Fink,  Marsha Smith (Current), Diane Flanagan (2nd)