MedicAlert Foundation Supports National Latex Allergy Awareness Week

September 24, 2004

Turlock, CA (September 17, 2004)--MedicAlert Foundation, the nation’s leading 24-hour emergency medical identification and information service, announced its support today of National Latex Allergy Awareness Week sponsored by the American Latex Allergy Association and Kimberly-Clark Health Care.

In honor of this special occasion, MedicAlert® is offering its lifesaving service at a savings of $5 to those with latex allergies. To receive more information about this special opportunity, email

About MedicAlert Foundation International
MedicAlert® is the original 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization founded in 1956 by a physician. Its mission is to protect and save lives by providing identification and medical information in emergencies. With more than 4 million members worldwide, MedicAlert® is recognized as the preeminent source of personal medical information during emergencies.

The MedicAlert® emblem, worn as a bracelet or necklace, “speaks” for an individual who may by disoriented, unconscious, or unable to communicate. By alerting emergency medical personnel to vital medical conditions and allergies of the individual, he/she receives faster, safer treatment, and avoids harmful or fatal reactions. It also provides a phone number to call the MedicAlert® 24-hour Emergency Response Center where nurses relay additional key medical facts from the Member’s computerized MedicAlert® Electronic Health Record. Members enjoy peace of mind knowing MedicAlert® will provide this information and call designated family contacts in emergencies.