Donna's Story

I had Basal Cell skin cancer and underwent the Mohs procedure to remove the cancer from the skin on my forehead.  I contracted a rare staph infection which has been treated for the past 4 month with now my 5th kind of antibiotic.  When the stitches were removed the incision did not heal due to the infection and i have had an open would that shows about a dime size portion of my skull.  The staph infection is now a resistance MRSA and is being treated with one of the few antibiotics that it show sensitivity.  I have acquired an allergy to the enzymes found in the rubber tree sap that is used to create latex; this was identified by a severe reaction to a latex bandage after i ran out of the fabric bandages my doctor has provided.  The reaction was hive, blisters, conjunctivitis, etc.
I recently found out the extent of my allergy by inadvertently putting a prescribed cream on my surgical site made with avacado oil.  Since avacados have this enzyme the reaction was severe and required an emergency room visit.  The unfortunate situation is that the new skin around my surgical site is covered in blisters that drain the MRSA bacteria back into the open wound... effectively reinfecting myself.
When injesting citrus products, avacado and sunflower seeds i being severe stomach cramps; i now avoid thos foods.
My allergist will not test me due to the infection which does not seem to want to go away.  I see an Infectious Disease specialist on Wednesday and am hoping he can overcome this "super bug" so i can proceed to the allergist for allergy treatment.