Restaurant Information: Latex Glove Use

**The following restaurant corporations use non-latex gloves for food handling:

+MacKenzie River Pizza: vinyl gloves
+Quizno's: poly-textra gloves
+Denny's: vinyl gloves
+Red Lobster: vinyl gloves
+Outback Steakhouse: vinyl gloves
+Red Robin: vinyl gloves
+Arby's: vinyl gloves
+Subway: polyethylene gloves; no latex at any stage of food-handling
+Burger King: poly or vinyl gloves
+Bahama Breeze: PVC only; no latex
+Smokey Bones Barbeque: poly vinyl chloride (PVC) gloves
+Domino's Pizza: no latex gloves
+Cracker Barrel Old Country Store: latex-free gloves
++Disney World: acrylic gloves; plastic gloves available if requested. (All balloons in theme parks are mylar only)
+ Disneyland: vinyl gloves

**This information is a general guideline only. There is always a possibility an individual restaurant may be out of compliance with a corporate standard. Any concerned consumer should ALWAYS double check with management about the type of gloves being used to handle food.

The following restaurant corporations do not use latex gloves to handle food in company-owned restaurants only.** Their franchised restaurants are not bound by the no-latex standard. Therefore each individual franchise restaurant determines the types of gloves used in that restaurant, which could also vary from time to time if distributors run out of a glove and temporarily substitute another glove type.

-Old Chicago: corporate-owned restaurants use poly-vinyl gloves; franchise restaurants select their own gloves.
-Chili's: company-owned restaurants use non-latex; franchise restaurants do not have a non-latex glove policy.
-Romano's Macaroni Grill: company-owned restaurants use non-latex; individual franchise restaurants choose glove type.
-On the Border Mexican Grill: company-owned restaurants use non-latex; individual franchise restaurants select glove type.
-Maggiano's Little Italy: company-owned restaurants use non-latex; individual franchise restaurant select glove type.
-HuHot Mongolian Grill: Company restaurants in Billings & Missoula (Montana), and Spokane, (Washington) do not use latex gloves. Franchise restaurants asked to use non-latex, but glove selection is up to individual franchisee.
-T.G.I. Friday's: Corporate restaurants use vinyl. Many franchise restaurants use vinyl, but glove selection is up to individual franchise owner.
-Taco John's: Poly vinyl gloves used in corporate restaurants. However, the majority of Taco John's restaurants are franchise, and while they do have the poly vinyl option, they have other purchasing options as well.

The following restaurant corporations either do not have a no-latex glove policy for handling food, or, despite a non-latex standard, glove type may still vary:

-Olive Garden: non-powdered latex gloves are used.
-Chuck E. Cheese: “should be plastic”, but individual managers can substitute other gloves. (Restaurant-supplied balloons will be removed if you call ahead, but they will not ask guests who bring in their own balloons to remove those.)
World Wrapps: “Our company standard is to use vinyl gloves in all of our stores . . . There are times that our food distributor will run out of vinyl gloves and will do a substitute of latex. . . We will also periodically get employees that are allergic to vinyl gloves and have to use latex or a non allergen glove.” -Applebees: “should be vinyl but not mandated”. Individual restaurants do have other purchasing options.
-I-Hop: individual restaurants decide glove type
-McDonald's: each restaurant selects own gloves
-Dairy Queen: gloves determined by independent franchise operator
-Hardees: varies per restaurant
-Perkins: individual restaurants use different vendors; some choose powdered latex
-Famous Dave's: “we do not require a specific brand of gloves, but we are working to ensure that no latex gloves are used in our restaurants in the future. The individual restaurants should be contacted”.
-Wendy's: both powdered and powder-free latex gloves are used
-Ruby Tuesday's: ”A vinyl option is offered” but individual restaurants determine the type of glove used, including latex.

No Response to repeated inquiries:
-Taco Bell
-Johnny Carino's
-Long John Silver's
-Pizza Hut
-Taco John's