Alliance Rubber Company

October 18, 2007

Alliance Rubber Company
Press Release


new LATEX FREE product lines

Alliance Rubber Company announces new LATEX FREE product lines are now available. Alliance Rubber Company, which is a women owned, American manufacturer of rubber band products, proudly announced that it is helping wage war against Latex Allergy Reactions that are becoming of increasing concern nationwide. While reactions to latex affect a small percentage of Americans, that percentage appears to be growing at an alarming rate and the results can be lethal. Schools, medical facilities and business workplace wellness programs have been strong proponents of efforts to better protect children and adults in their systems. As a result, Alliance Rubber Company, which has manufactured latex free rubber bands for medical packaging and other custom needs, determined to make latex free product more readily available for public consumption with the following products.

Latex Free Rubber Bands are now available in the four most popular sizes as well as an assorted size mix offering. Alliance is manufacturing the product using synthetic rubber to replace the natural rubber latex and has opted to color the product bright orange to make it easily identifiable from standard tan color bands. In addition, Alliance states that these bands have a soft stretch that helps prevent CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) where repetitive banding is required and this, in turn, helps companies reduce expensive workers’ compensation claims.

Antimicrobial Bands: Alliance is staying on top of what’s happening in their industry by being the only rubber band manufacturer to offer antimicrobial rubber bands. This product is both latex free and has the added benefit of an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of fungi, molds and bacteria that can cause the early deterioration of rubber band product. Like their Latex Free product, Alliance has decided to color code this product in a bright cyan blue color to make it easily identifiable from standard bands. Latex Free Bands with Antimicrobial product protection are also available in the four most popular selling sizes as well as an assorted size mix.

Also new to Alliance’s impressive list of products is X-Treme File Bands which are manufactured using an EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) formula - a man-made, latex free product. Alliance states that these 7” x 1/8” bands, by virtue of their EPDM formula, are weather and ozone resistant and offer great longevity for use in general or archival filing and bundling of reports or products. Alliance is making this product available in lime green and black for color coding purposes and is offering the product in retail hangtab as well as boxed packaging.

Alliance states that they are very proud of all of these unique, new latex free products and the positive impact each offers in high quality, usability, and excellent pricing while protecting the people who use it from Latex Allergy Reactions. For further information please contact Alliance Rubber Company directly via email: or through their website: